Kosta Palace Hotel | Kos

Kosta Palace Hotel Kos Greece


Kosta Palace Hotel | Kos

When you are out and about, there is something about nice hotels or apartments with special features or just simply a stunning view. I must say I’m not the most luxurious person when it comes to travel. I just don’t feel the need to spend hundreds of Euros just for a bed and a roof over your head. What I do like is to search for beautiful hidden gems or just really good deals. I’m a Dutch girl after all.

Most of the time I’m happy with the places where we stay in if they have all the essentials and a good bed. But I’m not a hostel person, so everything in between is perfect. I enjoy the luxury of my own bathroom and some privacy. Especially because I am chronically ill and I have gut problems too (PDS). Location is a very important topic too.

Back in spring Thomas and I booked a very spontaneous trip to Kos, Greece. It was the time before most hotels opened their doors and we just wanted to have the luxury to have everything within walking distance. Mostly we don’t care, but we wanted to relax a bit and just rent a car for a couple of days. Especially because we had multiple trips planned and the harbor is a really good place to stay if you want to get around easily.

From Kos, it is very easy to visit other beautiful Greek islands in the Dodekanesos and Turkey as well. My brother recommended the Kosta Palace Hotel, which is a very nice and neat hotel and directly located at the harbor. The views are absolutely worth it. I enjoyed every sunrise and sunset to the max here. It was so fun to see all the small fisher boats come in, early in the morning. It’s just a great way to slowly start your day.

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Address: Kosta Palace Hotel, & 300 Akti Kountouriotou ke, Geor. Averof, Kos 853 00, Greece


What kind of hotels or apartments do you prefer during a holiday?

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