Country Girl at heart

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Country Girl at heart

Although I love the feeling of being on the road, and I am eager to discover new places, being at home this summer was absolute bliss. Not only because we had a beautiful summer in The Netherlands (yes it rained quite a bit, but that’s Holland I guess..) but I had lovely company too. Staying at home gives you lots of opportunities to do stuff you normally don’t get done when your always out and about. Decluttering is so rewarding, and calming for the mind too.

I went through my stuff, did some vintage and thrift shopping, refurbished some old furniture, did some reading, watched interesting documentaries and I learned a lot about my (gut) health too. This was a summer full of self-love projects, a totally new feeling, but I feel recharged in so many ways. And I always prefer to travel in low season anyways.

Back at home, my mom found this amazing vintage tub (somewhere from East Europe) and I knew this was the perfect addition to our farm. And my summer projects – to be honest. We also got ourselves a bigger pool for the heatwaves (it’s crazy how mother earth is warming up..) but this little bathtub is perfect for a relaxing evening, reading a book during the golden hours. Because that’s where summers are for, right?

And I also added some beautiful Belgian Mums, gorgeous chrysanthemums in diverse shades, to add a pop of color to our farm. Head over to my Instagram to see more fluffy bath shots with our alpaca herd!


Belgian Mums Convey the Travel Zeuna 180


 Country Girl | Part II

The rooster is my beloved Audrey. I know it’s not a boy’s name, but really, nothing about my two roosters is normal. At the beginning of last year, they were left on the side of the road to die. A friend of mine found the 3 roosters, but one, unfortunately, died the next day (they were dumped during a heatwave). Now, these roosters are my best friends and they love to be in my company. And it would be a bit unfair to post this picture without a little introduction. Isn’t he the cutest? Although he thinks he’s a tomboy. My night routine wouldn’t be complete without him!


I would love to hear how your summer was!


Yours sincerely



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