A day in Bodrum

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A day in Bodrum – Turkey

When you are planning a holiday to the Greek island of Kos, and you’re keen on exploring the areas around the island too, I recommend you book a boat trip to Turkey. Kos is part of the Dodecanese island chain in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Located just a few miles from the Turkish border. Yes, Asia really is that close. It’s probably the reason why all sun-worshippers go to Kos anyway. Bodrum is well known for luxury holidays, Marbella likewise vibes and fake designer shopping. But I’ll assure you that the city has so much more to offer.

Bodrum is home to one of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And it has a beautiful antique Amphitheatre which dates from the 4th century (B.C.). One that is really worth paying a visit too. It’s not necessary to book a trip. The boats from Kos will arrive in the morning and you will have plenty of time to walk around.


Bodrum Turkey Convey the Travel
Bodrum Turkey Convey the Travel


A Day in Bodrum | Part II

From the harbor, it is easy to visit the castle (unfortunately it’s closed in 2019) we made our way from the Mausoleum to the Amphitheatre. We used Google Maps, but we found great signs along the road too. They will lead you to all the good stuff Bodrum has to offer. From there we followed the road down to the city centre (this is the place we took the picture too, the road has a great view overlooking the center and harbor of Bodrum) and made a stop at one of the old Bazaars (is great for fresh veggies, herbs, nuts and fruits) before we entered town.

Bodrum is well known for all the fake designer stuff. And you’ll find loads of it too. We tried our best to find some authentic shops. We were looking for some amazing artwork, all made by hand. Luckily we found a perfect shop and I bought some ceramics and pomegranates (symbol of Turkey). The woman who runs the shop told me all about the women who made the artwork and the process of making it.

We drank traditional Turkish Tea, shared some stories and laughed a lot. My traditional souvenirs still bring me smiles.

P.s. She also pointed out that Bodrum has 3 – 5 authentic non-tourist shops. You’ll notice it straight away when you see one.


Have you ever been to Turkey or Bodrum?


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Bodrum Turkey Convey the Travel
Bodrum Turkey Convey the Travel




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